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wavy & curly Premium Synthetic Hair

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Hair appointments for less than £50 in London

  • Imani

    Discover amazing hairstyles and designs for natural hair, braids, and cornrows at Imani's salon. Our experienced hair stylists provides protective styling options for all types of hair for the best in natural hair care and styling.

  • Shanay

    Get a perfect wig installation with a customisable and flawless finish from a trained professional hairdresser. Shanay has worked At the Brit Awards and other high profile events. She's guaranteed to give you a look that will turn heads.

  • Uju

    Look no further than our Uju for natural hair styling! From braids and cornrows to up-dos and African threading, our experienced stylist is sure to give you an innovative and sleek look for any occasion, especially for those special wedding moments.