Restyle & Reuse

Restyle & Reuse

we call our hair premium because of its performance. With the right tender touch, Premium Synthetic Hair can be used more than once. 
reusing your hair extensions

once you’re ready for a change of style you can use our synthetic hair tools and products to restyle you hair.

But if you’ve had your hair in a protective style like braids we recommend a deep-clean before using again as clean hair, scalp and extensions are key for hair growth. 

our use-return-reuse scheme provides a sustainable and hygienic way to reuse your hair, with cleaning power far superior to apple cider vinegar. 

Our cleaning promise 

above NHS-grade disinfection of bacteria, fungi, and viruses (99.9%)

✅ non-bio, hyperallergenic, free from chlorine detergents 

✅ environmentally friendly 

how does use-return-use work? 

1) take your hair out 

2) send it back to us 

3) let us clean it 

4) look out for your delivery 

we’ll be starting the Textured use-return-use trial early 2023. To register your interest, please message us. 

How is it going? 
Phase 1: collection and prep. 
This March we started our hair recycling trials. We collected some of our used hair that had been used by customers. 

We selected several hair textures (some straight some curly) and multiple finishes (braided, unbraided, hand curled, loose) to get a good range of samples for the project. 

To prepare the hair for cleaning, we removed all large debris and tangles, ensuring no hair accessories were left behind. One of the samples remain braided. 

Here’s how phase 1 collection and prep went. 

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