Bundles and Deals

Bundles and Deals

our hair comes in bundles of 300-400g which is typically more than 3-4 packs of other hair brands. 

300g is recommended for cornrow styles and ponytails. 400g is recommended for single plaits and braids. 

for more complex styles like goddess braids, you may want to consider 2 x 400g - depending on how you like your hair. 

for best value, please check our clearance section, multi buy options and promotions.

please consult with us and your hairdresser as needed. 

Silk Press Bundles 

Colour  300g 400g
The Darker The Berry…
Sweet Demerara 
Golden Hue
Blonde Tide
Ready or Not


Waves & Curl Bundles

Colour  300g 400g
The Darker The Berry… - Goddess Wave
Blonde Tide - Finger Wave 
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